Right to Motherhood

Right to Motherhood

Look! There is a light in the tunnel!
Impossible to be true.
I admit. You are a fire spirit.
That lone fight, you, being your sole crew

Those long sleepless nights, the cries, the prays
Your strong anticipation
You are a fire spirit. I admit.
All stamped, being a new sensation!

Too difficult to digest for some
Anyway, you didn’t bother!
I admit. You are a fire spirit.
It’s my honour to be your daughter

That day, the final verdict was out
You were the talk of the town.
You are a fire spirit. I admit.
My trans MOTHER now adorned the crown!

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One thought on “Right to Motherhood

  1. Very simple yet emotionally loaded … Superb. I just felt determination is a better word to anticipation.. and fire could be changed to ‘fiery’

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