Rigmorale of an Average Woman

Rigmorale of an Average Woman

Attending to the phone is out of question,
Blowing whistles of the cooker and my temper,
Chaos and coffee spill o’er charades of the day,
Deadlines dance with their dangling swords,
Empowerment of women, the headlines scream!
Fleeting moments of joy surrender to schedules,
Gobbledygook goes my charming infant,
Hair spa lined up, to iron out my frizzy mood,
Ignoring jibes that boss and peon take at me,
 Jargon of feminism chewed like bagasse.
Keen eyes then proclaim I’m a bad mother,
Last time I checked, I was only a bad wife;
Multitasking to keep my dreams afloat,
Naiveté is the only sincerity.
Oppression and chances fight for the window seat,
Plumber has arrived, Ah! I sigh in relief,
 Quitting is not an option, mutating is.
Ruffled feathers I refuse to tame anymore,
So I dive head on, the world can wait-
Torque of traditions against the winds of change,
Unwinding, hidden from patriarchal eyes;
Volatile opportunities evaporate
While I take short gasps of the thin air of freedom;
Xerotic tendrils of stereotypes creep,
Year after year, I uproot them,
Zen like calm, with a volcano within.
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