Roward Buston Returns

Roward Buston Returns

Neil Hope was returning from “Angel Home”.  He stopped at a departmental store , to buy balls and headed straight to the cash counter. The moment he looked at the tall , old man sitting in the counter , he had a strange feeling that he has seen this man before. ” He resembles someone whom I know . Someone whom many children knew ,but who vanished all of a sudden,” Neil told himself.  He wanted to do something for that old man.

The next morning, as Neil Hope flipped through “The New York Times ” , newspaper that day and found an article covering his previous day’s show. 

“The Amazing performance of Neil Hope, leaves the orphans of ” Angel Home” , absolutely mesmerized this Christmas Season. A woman rose in mid _ air, cards hovered, and a box of candy became a rabbit. Most of his tricks are unique . One trick seemed to be the replica of the ” Fluttering Butterflies Card Game “, performed by the Master Magician Roward Buston, of yester_ years. It started with a small girl named Ray , choosing certain cards as if for a regular card trick. But her expectations turned upside down when Hope put the deck into a glass goblet.

Next Hope called certain cards _ The king of Spades, the ten of clubs and they rose a feet above into the air. The spectacular trick came to an end when all the 52 cards were thrown serially into the audience and they began to turn into Fluttering Butterflies. Ray was enchanted with this performance of Hope.”

Hope remembered ,how excited he had felt when he received his first magic kit as a Christmas present from Santa when he was eight years old .Later his father had taken him to watch the live magic show of Roward Buston. He was absolutely mesmerized by magic .  Hope decided to be a magician when he grew up.The words of Buston still  haunted him.

” Magic is something that we make . We all have enough potential to create magic . Yet only some can share it and make others enter the world of magic.I love my audience as they inspire me to create more magical tricks every day.” 

Hope , reached the departmental store and introduced himself.

” Mr Roward Buston, I am Hope  .You are my role model.. I have come to  take you to attend my show at the Cincinnati Town Hall this evening and perform a trick which no one has seen before.  I know ,we can do it because Magic is something we make. “

Tears rolled down Buston’s cheek , as he stood on the stage and heard people applaud , watching him perform after years. “Thank you Hope , you inspired me to return to the world of Magic again..” , Buston declared infront of a thousand audience , who believed in the power of magic that day!


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