Sapnay: Hope

Sapnay: Hope

“Dinu kaka, what’s the commotion ? Kindly check?”, Angel asked . Dinu kaka is the driver to Angel’s family for the past three decades. Angel, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arora, is in her 20’s. She runs her own NGO, named Sapnay. Mr. And Mrs. Arora, both lawyers lives in a posh locality of Delhi. Angel though born with a silver spoon yet had her feet grounded. She was pampered more with love rather than materials.

“Bitiya, there’s an old woman. She suffered sunstroke. Now?”, enquired Dinu kaka. “Oh God! Dinu kaka,” She stepped out while saying. “Lets take help and escort her to the car. We will take her to the doctor.” That’s how began the sweetest relation of Angel and the old woman named Mrs. D’Souza.


“Mom, I send you money….isn’t that enough for you?  Moreover you are not letting me sell that haunted farm house. Do you still think dad visits there?” spoke an angered son Abel of Mrs. D’souza.

“I don’t need much to live. All I need the is your love and care. You visit me once in a while. You and your wife seems to have blocked me from meeting my grandsons. How many years I will I live more? please it is my humble request don’t throw me out of your lives…” Mrs. D’souza spoke wailing.

Without paying heed to his mother Abel admitted her to an old age home. Since then she had been staying there.


“Thank you dear”, replied Mrs. D’souza . “You symbolise your name. Angel. If it wouldn’t have been you then I wouldn’t have been sitting in this medical centre.”

“But granny, why were you out in this sunny day to buy veggies and fruits? Aren’t there any helpers at the home?” enquired Angel.

“They don’t serve us. We, the inmates serve ourselves. We cook,  clean, work. Whenever the donation guys visit us we are instructed not to open our mouths. We are given clean  stitched garments to dress ourselves and sit and enjoy. The helpers just show as if they work and the moment they leave, we return to our regular routines.”

“But that’s cheating. In the name of doing social service they are using you old people. Granny, how many of you stay there?” asked Angel.

“Never counted properly but around 40..45.” After a brief pause Mrs. D’souza continues, “our families had already abandoned us, blocked our entry into their lives. Now even the world is mistreating us.” Wiping her tears she blessed Angel and continued, “But kids like you are the future hopes.”

A thoughtfully depressed Angel dropped Mrs. D’souza at her shelter. But throughout her return Angel was engrossed in some deep thought.


“Dad, I want a favour from you.” Angel requested her father.

“Anything for you sweetheart. I know when your eyes are pensive and your words sound melancholy there’s something serious happening. What’s it?” queried Mr. Arora.

What followed next left her parents in bewilderment and so they readily agreed to assist Angel in accomplishing her mission.


“Happy Birthday to our Angel…” resonated in the club house of  Sapnay. “You are a blessing to us.”

It is the 29th birthday of Angel. She celebrated it along  with her extended family… the inmates of Sapnay.

“Mrs. D’souza, kindly share few words on this occasion?” asked Angel’s father handing her the mike.

With trembling hands she held it and with shaking lips she spoke,” I gave birth to a son. My late husband was overwhelmed with joy the day he was born. We sent him to the best school… then college.. followed by a respectable job abroad… tried to impart him the best values both educational and practical ones. Then one day he married his colleague and they both sailed away … Never to return.”, Her throat felt choked and she paused.

Angel hurried to the pulpit to comfort her but she supported herself and sent Angel back.

“But you my dear Angel have comforted.. not only me but us.. we were leading a miserable life at our previous shelter and you came as a gust of fresh air and brought us here at your Sapnay, gave us new life.. new hope. So on this special day all we inmates can do is sing a song for you which is composed but us. Enjoy…”

“We never saw Him…

We never touched Him….

But we felt Him…

In You! In You! Oh Angel.. our Angel”


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