Saviour of the World

Saviour of the World

One day my mom came to pick me up from school. I was like a kid on Christmas! What could it possibly be? Was I going to the toy store? Then anxiety flooded my stomach like a tsunami. What if it’s a doctors visit? Or maybe a tooth extraction?

“Wait.” I thought to myself. “Don’t get carried away, it’s probably nothing.”

But I couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering in my stomach like they were escaping a wasp.

“Hey honey!” My mom said “How was your day?”

“It was great.” I answered nervously.

“Mom where are we going?” I blurted out.

“Don’t look so nervous, I have a surprise for you!” “A good one!” she added upon seeing the terror on my face.

“Ok mom.” I said, relaxing a little.

We drove past the mall, the doctors office, the post office and the grocery store.Then my mom parked at the dentist’s office.

“Mom, no!” “I won’t go in there!” I exclaimed in shock and fear, remembering what had happened the last time. 

The tooth extraction was so painful. There was actually a fracture in my tooth, causing it to go deep inside my gum.The dentist then referred me to an oral surgeon. I never liked that dentist ever since.

“Relax, we are not going to the dentist, we’re just parking here.” My mom laughed.

“OK.” I said confused.

“Just put this on, and think about what you want the most.” my mom said.

“Ok, I’ll do that.” I said, putting the blindfold on.

I thought about everything I wanted. I would like a new computer, a camera, and a new bed.Then out of nowhere, I heard my mom say something. I was so lost in my thoughts. She repeated it.

“Ok, honey, we are here, take your blindfold off!” my mom repeated with a twinkle in her eyes.

I took it off. I blinked twice, and adjusted to my surroundings. We were at a pet store! Could I dare to hope? Could I possibly be getting a dog?

“Why are we here?” I questioned my mom hopefully.

“Well did you think about what you always wanted?” My mom asks.

“Yeah I did, I want a computer, a new bed, a—” I was cut off.

“Yes honey, I know, but what is something you wanted, but never thought would happen?” She asks.

This was going somewhere. Now I knew exactly what was going to happen! 

“A DOG!” I yelled happily.

“Yes!” My mom smiles.

We walk into the pet store, and my mom tells me to pick the dog I want. I see a french bulldog, but it is way too big. I see a teacup pomeranian, but it’s too small. Then I see my kind of dog. A beagle puppy. The puppy’s fur is black as the night, with little brown spots, and it’s blue eyes seem to tell a whole new story.

“This is the one I want, mom!” I said happily.

“Ok honey, let’s go to the checkout.” Mom agrees.

We buy the dog, and find out that it is a boy. We decided to name him Wolf.

“After all, wolves are dogs distant cousins.” My mom explains.

We took Wolf home, and I assembled the dog house we bought. I put the dog bed in my room, and gave Wolf some food.

My dad comes home in about an hour. When he sees the dog, he is happy.

“I hoped you would get a dog!” he exclaimed. “I talked mom into it!”

“Thanks dad!” I said.

We tell him about the whole process, and he agrees that the name Wolf is fitting.

“Yes, Wolf sounds like a good name for a dog!” Dad agrees.

“Wake up!” My mom calls the next morning.

I get out of bed as fast as a cheetah, excited to see Wolf.

I quickly eat my breakfast, so I can go outside and see Wolf. Mom made Wolf sleep outside, because he was not potty trained.

We were soon going to find out that mom unknowingly saved our lives. The neighbors? They weren’t so lucky.

Later that day, we received a phone call from the police. We were informed that the eldery neighbors have been killed, apparently by a large bear. It was on the weekly news that night.

The next day, in the daily local newspaper, we see a notice requiring that everyone must bring all their pets for a DNA test. There was a possibility that one of the pets attacked the neighbors.

“But that’s not possible!” My mom exclaimed in disbelief. “The news said the neighbors were killed by a large bear!”

“The police have no idea what’s going on, and they need to do something.” My dad states. “They can’t just sit there doing nothing, so they are making it look like everything is under control.”

“We still need to bring Wolf for a DNA test.” Mom complains. “What a waste of time.”

But the police knew just what they were doing.

That evening, on the national news, we discovered new information.

“In a small town called Chandler, there has been an attack on an elderly couple. Local police thought it was a bear, until an experienced team of scientists came to investigate. A DNA test revealed an animal similar to a dog is the culprit. The scientists did not expose the type of animal. We just know that later that day, historians came to investigate.The historians went into a detailed explanation of medieval drawings. The drawings are of some type of dogs, as shown in this screen behind me. These dogs, which the medieval people called bloodwolves, are what the historians presume to have attacked. We have records of some medieval civilians, who made outlandish claims about these dogs. They claim that each night, on a full moon, their guard dogs increase to ten times their original size. There have been other people, way before medieval times who claimed to have developed a potion that multiplied the size of their guard dogs by ten every full moon. These claims could have been true, the attacker could have been a descendant of these dogs, if not for one problem. These dogs probably never existed, and if they had, they would have all been dead, for one hundred years, according to some historical text. In my opinion, all these claims are just extensions of an ancient legend.”  The reporter stated.

“What the heck was that about?!” I questioned in disbelief.

“I understand why they are making us bring in our pets now. I mean maybe they really think that there is some creepy monster dog attacking, but I’m not convinced.” Dad said.

The next morning, the doorbell rang, and mom went to answer the door. We heard muffled voices at the front door, but just waited for mom to come back.

“It’s just the newspaper.” Mom said as she walked in. 

“Can we read it? It might give us some new information!” I suggested.

“Sure, why not!” Dad agreed.

We read the newspaper, and as we did, our faces turned pale. The newspaper had predicted what the “monster dog” had looked like based on the DNA found in the neighbor’s house.

“Ummm… why does the newspaper say the dog has black fur and blue eyes?” Mom voiced the question we all were wondering about.

“I’m sure there are a ton of dog breeds that have black fur and blue eyes!” I said nervously.

“Yes, I agree, there are a ton of people in this neighborhood that have a dog that fits that description.” Mom agreed.

“But in the meantime, Wolf stays inside the house, except at bedtime. I don’t want any funny looks from the neighbors.” Dad added.

Then, a boy, about eleven years of age, walks in our living room. His hair was black, his skin was as pale as a vampire, and his eyes were blue as the sky. He was thin, and about five feet tall. He was wearing clothes that looked like they were made in the middle ages.  My mom was surprised, and told him to get out. He politely refuses, and he tells us to just let him explain.

“I saw that moving man in the picture with you guys yesterday. I decided to come here the next morning and tell you everything. So here I am” The boy said.

It took us a while to figure out what he meant.

“You mean the news,” my dad says in disbelief

“Yes, the… news?” The boy spoke the word “news” like it was foreign to him.

“Ok. We don’t have any food, or anything. Please go back to your parents. We don’t have time for this,” my mom said, annoyed and confused.

“And we were alone in the living room when we watched the news. We only had our dog, and us in the room. You were not there.” My dad agreed.

“Yes. Exactly.” The boy agreed. “The only people in the room were you, your family, and your dog.” 

The knowing look in his eyes sent a shiver down my spine. Who could he possibly be? My dad was about to make him leave, but I told my dad to just let the boy continue. I mean, what harm could it do? The boy just sat there, staring at us, and then he closed his eyes for what felt like an eternity. My parents were clearly exasperated by his antics. Then the boy’s face grew distorted, and his features swirled around like a pond on a windy day. He let out a dog like howl, and I closed my eyes in fear. I heard two loud thumps, and opened my eyes. The sight that met my eyes bore into my heart like an axe hammered into a tree trunk. My parents were on the floor, their eyes closed, and their expressions frozen in fear. When I looked towards the boy, I saw he was no longer there, but Wolf was in his place. I turned to call 911, but Wolf let out a terrifying howl that stopped me in my tracks. As I watched, Wolf shed all his hair at once. My eyes popped out in disbelief. But there was more. Wolf’s back became longer, and less curved, his arms moved backwards, and he stood on his hind legs which grew, and changed shape. Before I knew it, the boy was standing there before me. I screamed in shock and fear, not believing what I saw. I rushed to get the phone, but the mysterious boy caught my arm, and told me to stop screaming. I ignored him, and struggled to get out of his grasp, but his arms looked like they had seen a day or two of manual labor. I realized I could not escape, and sat down, worried of what was going to happen.

“It’s ok, I won’t hurt you” The boy tried to reassure me.

It didn’t work.

“Just let me go, and leave me alone!” I yelled in desperation. “What the heck did you just do?!” I screamed. “How did that happen?!”

“What the… heck?” The boy repeated, confused. “What is that?” He said in an accent I could not place. 

“Kids are still so odd after hundreds of years?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “ When you said after hundreds of years?” I finished. “And you are a kid yourself!”

“I am not a kid!” The boy said, offended. “I am now an adult!” He said proudly.

“Ok, whatever.” I said. 

Then I turned around, and saw my parents lying unconscious, and remembered about the trick the boy did.

“NOW ANSWER MY QUESTION, AND TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!” I screamed, as all the anxiety and curiosity crashed down on me.

“Yes, yes, I will, calm down!” The boy said.

“So…” I prompted him.

“I come from a time that is what you call the middle ages.” He said.

“Ok. Stop playing around with me, and tell me what’s going on.” I said annoyed and scared.

“I was skinning a cow in my cave, when I saw the sun come near me. It was night, and the sun was supposed to be down. I could see a traveler behind the sun, and then the sun went away. The traveller was a woman, who was wearing odd clothes, like what your mother is wearing. She was holding a black rod. I tried to ask her who she was, but she did not let me finish. She said she knew what I was. I knew exactly what she was talking about. She knew about my ancestry, the potion, and everything. Everything that person on the… news said is right.” The boy still pronounced the word “news” as if it was unknown to him.

I just sat there, deciding to let him finish. I needed to call 911, and did not want him to be mad at me and stop me.

“I am descended from the people who made the potions to increase the size of their guard dogs. Those people had to get dogs first. They had to go into the woods, and catch the right kind of dog breed. This was too much work for them, and they decided to develop a potion that turns people into dogs. This way, the person could guard the house, and would not need training, as they would still have a human mind. Then, they made a potion to increase the size of the humans, when they became dogs. I am a bloodwolf. I can transform into a dog at will. Where I come from, bloodwolves are very common, but they are very feared. At this time, there are not many left. I have come on a mission, to restore our kind. In our blood, we have a substance that can stop a disaster. There will be an asteroid that will crash into our planet in ten years. Only we have the power to stop this. But we need more bloodwolves to do so. I am the one that killed the neighbors. All bloodwolves have the power of mind reading. The neighbors are part of a secret organization that plans on making all dogs and bloodwolves extinct. Trust me, it was good that I did so. This investigation of the scientists and the police needs to stop. We also have the power of mind manipulation, and we will make them forget everything that happened with the neighbors. So, the traveller told me to come with her, and I did when I saw the knife by her side. She told me to transform into a dog, and to pretend to be  a homeless dog, and to get adopted by a human. It was good luck that I got adopted by you, because the traveller told me to kill some people, which happened to be your neighbors. Bloodwolves are good people, no matter what you may think, we are here to stop the asteroid from killing all humans. When we turn  into dogs, that is just one version of us. In our dog form, we are heroes that save the world, and in our human form, we are just like you.” The boy finished.

My parents were behind us, eyes wide. It was clear they had woken up, and heard everything. My mom, who was a renowned detective, said everything added up, and decided to house the boy after a lot of thinking, and questioning him. After all, this boy was our dog.

The boy checked the news from yesterday, after we showed him how, and there was no trace of any reports on bloodwolves. The boy’s mind controlling had worked! We all understood that it was to save the earth from the asteroid. There had actually been predictions of an asteroid crash.


Ten years later:

“An asteroid was seen through a scientist’s telescope! It curved away from earth. It was a giant one, that would have made all humans go extinct! It was like the asteroid was mind controlled!”

The news reporter finished, giddy with excitement.

My mom, My dad, Wolf, and I gave each other a knowing look.

Yes it was!

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  1. I enjoyed reading the story about Bloodwolves. I liked how it was adopted as a pet dog. It is a nice imaginative story on a dog or Bloodwolf (whichever the reader will prefer to call it).

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