Schizo; Caught in Two Worlds

Schizo; Caught in Two Worlds

Some days, I feel this roiling sadness, 
Somber clouds of languish, imprison me in gloom 
Strange voices whisper sucking away gladness 
Shadows guzzle up my soul; conjuring doom… 

Ominous thoughts flit across the canvas of mind 
Obfuscating any chance of good coming in 
Onerous task negotiating life’s grind 
O Lord! mindfield explodes, high odds to win…. 

Mystically I’m lured into some strange heart 
Magically, I enter a new universe! 
Mellifluous fantasies, swirl I stand apart… 
Medicines drown both my worlds; boon or a curse? 

Yay! Some days, I’m conquering every bane 
Yet, on other days, I forget even my name 
Yearn to suppress alogia, to feel sane 
Yes, I’m living in two worlds, playing a new game!
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