Sea of Poppies

Sea of Poppies

Carmine clouds on long tender stalks
Or butterflies like crimson sparks,
Perched dainty on sleek slender stems,
Silk tassels dangling from verdant hems,
Thus, sways sea of poppies

At times, like tiny paper kites
Feathery touch, gossamer light,
Green strings in muddy hands of Earth 
Some in bloom; some ensconced in buds,
Billows sea of poppies

Lil’ schoolgirls in pinafores red,
Bouncing with a heart, Oh so glad!
Swooning, swinging in mad outburst,
Reeling with every windy gust!
Dancing sea of poppies!

Hark! There I spy a blossom pink!
Swelling ebbing with all in sync,
In scarlet rush it’s standing tall,
Unfazed as rows in red rise, fall,
Lone in sea of poppies

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