Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

We had our first encounter over a nervous telephonic conversation,
A call that started formally and lasted until it changed forms,
A single call that now became a daily routine,
Not out of compulsion but for the melting hearts to soothe,
Blossoming buds that planted it’s Mystic presence,
Eventually blooming into fresh flowers of divine fragrance,
Together we watered and nurtured the soil that planted,
The seeds of love now cherishing and thriving,
Rooting itself deeper and deeper with every passing moment,
Permeating and diffusing with absolute ease and splendour,
Some inferior leaves, crooked branches and harsh climates,
Withered, wilted and broke a few parts,
But the deep rooted love of the planted souls merged,
And continued to grow despite the flaws,
Nourishing and strengthening the very basis of sustenance,
Five decades of this timeless saga,
Continues to flourish into an ageless expedition,
To induce values, culture, abundance and love,
For the tiny saplings of dear Mother Nature,
Extends into an absolute delight of a magical future.
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