Seeking Salvation

Seeking Salvation

In search of the elysian fields,
Meandering lands, jaunting seas,
I pursued the elusive peace,
Allured by the power it wields.

Wading through the throes of life,
Vanquishing strife, achieving goals,
Meeting earthly standards of success,
Doused in opulence, envied by peers,
With a treasure trove and a beautiful wife, I lived,
Yet, dissatisfied.

Zephyr, my transient life will cease,
Defiant, my weary mind yields,
Tugging at my protective shields,
Hoping karma irons the crease.

Roused from an ignorant slumber,
I auscultated my beseeching soul,
No worldly pleasure can permeate the void with wisdom,
Seeking salvation, I stumbled upon,
The eight-fold path, the noble truths,
A journey ceased; a journey began when I finally understood.

Peace and happiness are within; Change is the only constant.
What you give is what you get; Suffering ends with detachment.
Author’s note:
The eight-fold path: The path to nirvana/ salvation, taught by the Buddha
The noble truths: The four truths which contain the essence of Buddhist teachings.
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