Sepia Dream

Sepia Dream

Where are you, my child? I hear you 
Shuffle, giggle behind the door.
As I catch you, you’ll squeal some more.
So, I turn the knob – ‘Pee-ka-boo!’

And I see you are gone, 
A cold, stale air ensconces me 
Filtering through the open window
Sunbeams, sparkling dust, and memories. 
They light up, adorn my empty nest.
Faint echos, seep through the walls 

“Ma, I want to live, fly, explore,
A land of my dreams, a shore new.”
With hopeful tears, I bid adieu.
“Call me or write back,” I implore.

A deafening silence stands sentinel
With me and a solitary letter
Rheumy eyes on the road, I still await 
One look, one word from a distant shore
Hope is trickling through the gap ‘tween us
Memories are drifting into evanescence 

“Ma, don’t worry, I’ll be back… soon.” 
And now your voice is fading too, just like a sepia dream.
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