Seraph’s Light

Seraph’s Light

‘Hey you… look at me!’
‘Who’s that?’  I turned to see…

Before I realized,
She embraced me tight.
Her angelic silhouette,
Emanated, fragrance and light
Like a fairy,
With a warm glow,
She held me tight.
Love radiated from that sprite!

Her magical whispers
Made me shine…
A glow emanated
From the little heart of mine.
Ambrosia poured like grace,
And slowly, she began to efface.

I stood spell bounded,
Like a silent spectator.
Who this beauteous seraph was?
Visiting me without any cause?

But the heart shining within
Exulted with delight,
‘Pass the light to others,
Illumine everyone…
With the same light.’


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