Mermaids……pure fantasy, aren’t they? A myth? No! They exist, with bodies that glisten dazzlingly under the gaze of the sun. Enchanting scales ripple through their fin tail. Barring all of this is the crowning feature; their voice! Their songs and sight, a luxury given to only the royal prince!

One of such serendipitous nobility was Prince Damien Abel. An accident with Princess Esmeray Featherswallow had changed his life.

One crossbow, 
Shot on the elbow, 
Turns into a deathblow, 
To you I say good morning and hello” sang the princess with her usual queer lyrics. By then Damien had become accustomed to both, seeing Esmeray everyday as well as her peculiar conversing.

 “A very good morning to you as well” replied the prince with a detectable accent.

The mermaid had once saved the nobility from drowning and they have been talking ever since.

All was going well, until one day….. 

Alone you need to roam, 
You may do it here or in Rome, 
I need to go back to my happy dome, 
As I have some work at home” chorused Esmeray, her voice was wavering and a lone red tear rolled down her chiseled jaw. 

With a false tear Abel let her go. While the mermaid’s emotions were as clear as the sea, the prince was driven entirely by desire and avarice of fame plus wealth he would receive if he caught a mermaid; a royal one.

A fortnight later, the prince put his cards on the table. He became evidence of the fact that ‘monsters are humans without conscience’. 

As he assembled his sea troop to wage war with the water kingdom, he remembered the princess’s words:

When the clock ticks three, 
Come to the sea, 
This is the key, 
If Syreni Ortus Solis you want to see

 A sinister smirk crawled up his face at the thought of Esmeray’s gullibility and naivety. Three months were all it took for Princess F to reveal the bearings of her realm ‘Syreni Ortus Solis’.  

When the timepiece struck the assigned time, the soldiers seated themselves in wooden boats uniformly. The row to the destination had been oddly calm and nerve-wrecking. 

Like a bolt of lightning, a magnificent empire shaped itself but accompanying it were destructive and fatal looking mermaids, sirens and god knows what!

The chances of you mortals going back are thin, 
Since we are here to win, 
The treason committed is a sin, 
Let the war begin!” roared Esmeray with so much resentment, it made the humans flinch.  

Obediently, inoperable flashes of colors, falling from the tridents assassinated the Prince’s army. The arrows dispatched by the men were proved useless against the sea folk’s wrath. 

In a trice, a ruinous streak emitted by the princess pierced through Daniel’s heart. She cried while he flinched in pain.

 All my feelings for mortals, you deleted,
Courtesy the way my love, you treated.
I never imagine you could be this conceited,
Like the other mankind, you too cheated!
Syreni Ortus Solis Latin words for mermaid land’s sunrise.
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