Shameless Disco Heads

Shameless Disco Heads

Uninvited, the abandoned they abound
Cling on to you, partake in your loneliness
A symbiosis, you like their intrusion
overnight, they take over with craziness
You are helpless, getting lost in illusion
Purple disco heads pulsating out of green
Your essence in this prevailing confusion
is missing, you are now bullied by a mean
they suffocate, like a tight coil being wound
carpeting you shamelessly, these voyeurs’ rule
they bear the sunshine, rains and the evil eyes
you’re safe and sound, stationary in disguise!

Note: The Railway creeper is a very common plant with bright, purple flowers found in abandoned lands, alongside railway stations and sheds. They are also called besharam (shameless) for the brazen way in which they occupy. While travelling by local trains, the blur of the scenery made me feel them to be purple disco heads! 
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