Shattered: Frequently Asked Questions

Shattered: Frequently Asked Questions


Please read the below mentioned points before raising a query:

Q1. Will the word count cover the title?
A1. No, the total word count is not inclusive of the title of the story.

Q2. Does the story have to be in first person or third person?
A2. The voice of the story is entirely your own choice; first or third, make your choice.

Q3. Do I need to submit a fresh story?
A3. Absolutely! Previously published stories/play will not be considered for the event. Plagiarised stories/play stand disqualified for this event and will have the writer banned from the next event.

Q4. Will my story be considered for the event if the word limit exceeds by a few words?
A4. Every event has a definite word count and it is ideal to follow it. Use to check the word-count as you go along and make a few minor edits and your story would be just fine!

Q5. Is there an entry fee to participate in this event?

A5. There is NO fee for entering the Penmancy Anthology Contest 2020. .

Q6. Will the copyright of the story/stories remain with the writer/author?

A6. The copyright of the story remains with the writer however republishing of the story in print or online is not permitted.

Q7. When can I submit our entry/entries?

A7. You may submit your story anytime  between August 1, 2020 to August 21, 2020.

Q8. Where do I submit my entry/entries?

A8. You may submit your story in a word document to marked “Entry for #Shattered”, The following details must be included alongwith:

  • Name of the author (alias/pen names must be mentioned separately)
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Short bio (upto 50 words)
  • A clear picture of self in the dimension 150×150 px

Q9. How will I know if my story gets selected for the anthology?

A9. As detailed in the timeline the shortlisted stories would be announced on August 31, 2020 (Monday). If your name is on the list, you shall be notified via an email as well.

Q10. What if my story is not selected for the anthology?

A10. If your story is not shortlisted for the anthology but appears in the longlist (as declared on August 22, 2020 (Saturday), then it would be published on our website here ( If you so wish not to have it published on the website as well, you may write to stating the same.

Q11. If my story does not appear on the longlist, what happens to it?

A11. If your story does not appear on the longlist you have two options-

  1. you may withdraw your submission and use it accordingly
  2. you may edit/rewrite and submit to be published on our website

Q12. Can I invite my other writer friends to participate in the event?

A12. Absolutely! The event is open to submission by anyone over 15+  years of age.


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