Life is beautiful yet filled with pain and suffering. Many people in the world, young or old, irregardless of their gender, endure excruciating experiences throughout their life. The smiles that people wear on their faces are not proof of happiness. Deep inside, they may be hurting; their hearts broken; their hopes and dreams shattered; and probably, even the life that they so treasure hangs in the balance. It is in this very premise that this anthology, titled Shattered, was born. 

Believe it or not, we do love to read stories that are sad or make us angry and shed tears; tales where vengeance is sought and justice served. And the reason for this is simple- they make us realize the fragility of our own lives and see our own shortcomings; they remind us of the flawed society that we live in and wish we could do something about it. Most often, it is a realization that wakes us up from our deep slumber, urging us to be appreciative of our advantageous situation and forcing us to evaluate how fortunate we are to have not gone through the pain and suffering that others have experienced.

As the title of this collection suggests, this anthology offers a wide range of interpretations of the word ‘shattered’–stories of broken lives, unfulfilled promises, cracked beliefs, fractured egos, crushed hopes that are weaved tugging our heartstrings. While some of these are not shattered pieces beyond repair, others are smashed to smithereens, and the only way to handle the misery is to confront it and try to heal and rise above it or face death.

‘Shattered’ contains nineteen incredible stories in varied genres from eighteen talented writers. It is a product of Penmancy’s second-year anniversary celebration and its attempt to showcase the brilliant minds behind these stories to the world.

The following stories as presented here are arranged in a narrative, that in itself is a journey, reeled by Olinda Braganza. Our hope is to put forward a message and an opportunity for all the readers out there, to be touched in the form of written literature that is heartfelt and honest, soulful and compelling.

Here’s what you can expect: 

We’re delighted to have Debeshi Gooptu shared a few words with us as ‘Foreword’ for the book.

The skilfully-crafted stories bring out the different shades of meaning and, in turn, reveal the versatility of the writers.”

Debeshi Gooptu is a prolific short story writer who graduated from a blogger to a published author with Juggernaut Books and Rupa Publications since 2017. Her published books are-

Dragon Aunty Returns 2017 (Juggernaut Books)
Gurgaon Diaries 2018 (Rupa Publications)
Mr Eashwar’s Daughter 2019 (Juggernaut Books)
The Ghosts of Gurugram 2020 (Self Published/Amazon)

Her other self-published short stories are The Tea Service, The Pickpocket, The Red Thread, Prince Charming and The Candlestand.



We received a total of 44 stories, of which some writers shared their stories to be published here. Please check them out too-

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