She Might Never Stop

She Might Never Stop

She runs, through the dense forest,
feet firmly placed on the ground,
the path at her feet fades with every step
As it leads into the unfathomable darks!

She goes, as fast as the flowing river,
with “bows” and “arrows” tightly held,
on her tender shoulders and caring back,
Yet, her head held high as mountains!

She takes, speed of the horse
feet barely touching the ground
yet crunching dried leaves with stressful steps
Along those dreams that she once possessed!

She sees, the Sun go down and come up every day
In the monotony of life, and brawls to accomplish
she may want to slow down amidst
Then, “Wouldn’t that be running away”?

She lives, the darkest nights & deadliest plights
still able to maintain a steady pace,
running the race, amidst many roles
That she willingly or forcibly plays!

She’s breathed an entire life
“running for” or “running away”, but for what?
she never analysed what she gained or lost,
But for smiles earned, retained love and empathy bygone!

She’s still running through the sombre forest
at varied pace and unbalanced haste
with new hopes revived at every milestone,
She’s running, and she might never stop!

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