I want to give him a gift
But one year had past
since we had a rift.
Does his anger gone or still last?

He is my brother how much I love
As an elder I should try
I must act like a peaceful dove
My gift should take him up to the sky

How much we quarrelled as kids 
And in a minute we turned friends
Love in siblings can’t be hid
I will be happy if he forgets and bends

All is well that ends well
I went with my lovely gift
On seeing me his heart wanted to swell
we hugged after a year throwing away the rift




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One thought on “Siblings

  1. A sweet poem dedicated to siblings whose quarrels are temporary but the love and affection towards each other are for a lifetime. However, a round of proofreading would have made the poem more effective. In the fist stanza, for example -“past” should have been “passed” and “does” should have been “has”. There are also lines that need revision/rephrasing to make the poem clearer and more coherent. The line “He is my brother how much I love” can be understood but would sound better if revised.

    This was a good attempt.

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