Silent Prayers

Silent Prayers

Closed eyes, thoughts reverberate,
Silence struck, prayers resonate,
When calm, we strike dialogue with God,
Whispering prayers, which echo aloud.

Wonder why?
We clang and ring the temple bells,
Rattle continuously, mantras we tell,
Sacrificing animals, crying in pain,
Seeking God’s attention, Alas in vain!

Wonder why?
We yell loud azan, from mosque rooftop,
Erupting morning quiet, we pray so loud,
Allah must reside far from Earth,
Shout we must, in order to be heard.

Hope this din of distorted thinking,
Can be quietened, with inner peace sinking,
Conjoin with divine, through our mind,
Meditate in peace, with God we bind.

Mantra: a statement or slogan repeated continuously.
Azan: the Muslim call to ritual prayer by a muezzin from the minaret of mosque.


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