Sister’s Bond of Love

Sister’s Bond of Love

A sister’s love is pure and true,
She stays with you, no matter what. 
Through highs and lows, she’ll see you through,
In her presence, fears turn to naught.

A friend in times of need, she stands,
With joy and smiles, her heart does glow.
Her soothing words, like golden strands,
In memories, her love does grow.

With you, she makes the world so bright,
Side by side, doves in skies of love.
When she’s gone, life’s lost in the night,
Her love’s a gift, a treasure trove.

Through joy and strife, a trusted life,
Whose strong support will never end.
At family, she adds  the life,
 Our connection will never end.

In life’s fabric, her thread is strong,
Through all trials, she’s always near.
Her love is like a timeless song,
A sister’s bond,  cherished, so dear.

In kin’s book her love’s sweet refrain,
Sisters’ bond, endless, remains true.
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