Slide Me In

Slide Me In

That envelope under the mattress with your letter,
Blurring the red ink you wrote in,
Had a lipstick mark in alata,
You held my palms tightly under the blanket,
I wasn’t looking when you dis-robed me,
Clutching the sheer breathlessness of our muscles we rode each other,
Moments were no longer important,
Nor were the used clothes lying on the floor,
No one mattered,
As we floated like kites in the blue sky,
We rolled over the mountainous green lawns of our landscape,
We slided in and out within us,
It wasn’t me who was dethroned,
It wasn’t you who was worshipped,
But the joys of the gentle strokes on my curves with those fired lips,
Ruminated me like a sacred symbol,
I wished the good lord give me strength to arrest this moment!
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