So Now the Winter Comes 

So Now the Winter Comes 

The void is painted black with a rustic wind 
It’s the white moon that drops the ice grains
Edges of the grass are too reluctant to hold them on tip
And the stream of cold reverts back to the queen of snow

Walls of wood were hidden behind the cloud
Groups of men and women dragged them to fore
Thus the huts, the houses and the cities are built elsewhere
As the grannies sit beside the fireplaces with the children and the fairy tales 
The couples would try to find the warmth on bed under the wooly blanket

Hey dear, have you seen the people on streets under any winter dress
I doubt it can’t be as they are the helpless and equally common persons
Fire remains always their best friend and they are devoid of all those glittery 
All the nicest things of life are ever illusive to these people

As they remain too busy to earn and feed their empty bellies
This is the most talked about stories, we are quite aware before
But by regular return at every winter, it becomes a popular chronicle
The most amazing truth is that the nation, the state all know these very well

And it’s also true that the headlines will cover the winter death at regular interval
Winter comes, Christmas comes and Jesus is always with us
Cold comes, life comes and death is also an integral part of it
Oh God, make sure to provide some respect for all these poor guys

Give shelter, the food and the warmth in abundance to all of them
Let them live a worthy life and let them die an honorable death

Arupam Maity
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