Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

He finds it hard to wear his flesh, swallows his tears and quenches his thirst,
Then cries out loud but no one hears, he looks around to find scars of dust.

 As he plods in a pensive mood, the pool of blood brings sorrow on his face,
Piles of bricks lie everywhere, the shadows of destruction engulfs his race.

His grief and agony knows no bounds, father burnt alive mother shot down,
Slaughtered heads all around, he looks for his people in the war-struck town.

 Long lost like fallen buds of spring, honey of his youth you may know not,
His naked bones can’t wear his skin, his heart aches to see dead bodies rot.

 As smoke rises to the sky, the breathless air makes him struggle for breath,
He wants his plight to end forever, for there’s fear in life and peace in death.

 His desolate self collapses there, amidst the corpses he falls half dead,
He dreams of Phoenix rising from ashes, as the sun of dawn turns red.

 War causes death and massive loss, it kills the spirit and hurts the soul,
It ends in a while then calmness prevails, humanity dies war takes its toll.


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