Somber Symphony

Somber Symphony

Stop all the clocks, crush them!
Ask the sun to retire,
Its warmth I seek no more, 
I’ll wallow in darkness,
Colors seem an eyesore.

Stop all the clocks, crush them!
Silence the untamed wind,
Entrap it in a cage,
Let vacuum fill me,
And blast my lungs with rage.

Stop all the clocks, crush them!
Dust all the flashy stars,
Shroud them with clouds somber,
I’ll sink in doleful tears,
Lost ‘neath frosted winter.

Stop all the clocks, crush them!
Ever since your heart stopped,
My nights have ceased to dawn,
Mute is my coffined soul,
Since you, my love, are gone.

Author’s Note
I have borrowed the line ‘Stop all the clocks’ from the famous poem ‘Stop all the clocks’ by W.H.Auden
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