someone lived in a somewhere place

someone lived in a somewhere place
(with moon for mother, none for father)
he walked on water in flood and rain
chewed on air and gobbled some shine

big folks rushed about busy in town
little folks slouched with telly for toys
he sat in the park (and rolled on the grass)
twitter and chatter the days flew by

clouds came down, up went the sun
flowers of rainbows bloomed in the sky
with eyes like black, hair like frost
you and i skipped many fears and tears

he flipped and flopped on waves of time
through storms in rage sailed ships by 
out-of-towners went back and forth
alone he grappled with the sea of life

someone lived in a nowhere place
everyone knows their yeses and noes
he talked to the river, screamed in the wind
but music (on the box) was all we heard

sun by day (by day), stars by night (by night)
of shadows swarming sometimes he dreamed
dancing on empty, in vain did he sing
built castles on sand again (and again)

year after year, winter after spring
in gardens brown with wither and age
petals of snow fell (and fall) over him
while by fire we wriggled and warmed

if we were there where he (always) was
few would dare, most folks never
someone died in a somewhere place
where everyone looked all but there

someone died in the where-we-know
he was down, while the world was high
above who lived, now below he lies
(same place where will go all who come)

someone lived in a somewhere place
(with moon for mother, none for father)
maybe you are someone, or no one too
and someone’s anyone somewhere lives

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