Somewhere Between Dawn and the Dusk

Through the ribs of her eclipsed sunflower,
the yellowed sun was born at the eleventh hour. 
Wilting cloud and a wanting earth,
dawn revealed yet a promise scarred.

She secured the flowers in a casual dream,
and laid down her song with a broken seam.
In the thicket of his musky aftertaste,
the rickety waltz…once more redeemed.

Misquote her silence, she talks too much,
And stitch the rainbow, the twilight has smudged.
Waning hope and a waxing moon,
thawing on a weary hummingbird, cursed.

Bail out the yesterday’s tangles… bosom deep,
the fraying moments still summon the promises to keep.
The blood red moon ringing the cigarette smoke,
Bring out the plush China, my unassuming wine is cheap.

* * *

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Deepti Sharma

She is a dreamer and her undoing is, she sees the dawn before the rest of the world. Yes, she loves Oscar Wilde. A management graduate and a former entrepreneur, who has finally got her calling in writing, which has been her passion since school. Rekindled it 5 years ago when she started writing her blog. Later wrote poetry and mini fiction for many e journals and online magazines. Have won many poetry and fiction writing contests too. Recently her poem has been published in an anthology 'Emotionally yours'. She is a mother of three who resides in Punjab.
Deepti Sharma

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