Songs of Sagacity

Songs of Sagacity

Arjun stood lost, muddled was his soul,
Gopal poised by him, as his mentor sole.

Battle had begun, conches were heard,
To enlighten him, Gopal emerged from herd.

War will rage, people will perish in days,
Arjun stood gazing, benumb in a daze.

How can I strike people I love, a probe did soar,           
If I could abandon the duel, making life sore!

In the hour of despair, Gopal disclosed the path right,         
Arjun’s had to confront, ones on left or right.

O Arjun, duties you have to fulfil of all kind,
Dismiss from mind kin, brusque or kind.

Gopal’s words flew like a melodious chord,
Helping connect Arjun with surreal cord.

Hearing him listen to his talks divine awhile, 
A song of sagacity for posterity was born in a while.

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