Ssshhh! It’s a Secret

Ssshhh! It’s a Secret

The serene breeze made the ride fun. Ram and Ratan were having gala time returning from their expedition. The alcohol kept them high. The mist added to the mood. The party songs drew them wild. The SUV zoomed- in full speed along the mountain terrain. 

The ghat was about to end. Ram’s eyes felled on a beautiful girl. The chikankari dress, the dangling earrings, and hairs flowing along with the wind; no one could get eyes off her. She was completely drenched in rain.  Missing her bus, she was waiting for a lift. On seeing the only car on a rainy day, she stopped it. They both drove past her, only to halt a little later. Chameli saw blessing in disguise in them but Ram and Ratan saw an opportunity. 

‘Can you please drop me at the next bus stop? I have missed my bus, but I will be able to catch it at next stop.’

‘Sure. Why not? Hop in quickly. You are drenched.’

As they traversed ahead, Ram swept the car past the junction. 

Chameli’s heart leaped into her throat. 

‘You have sped ahead of my bus stop.’

‘Don’t you worry. We will drop you at your destination safely.’

The rain was pouring. With every thud of water on the car, she sweated with fear. The cold winds bought chills down her spine.

Slowly, they moved deep inside the jungle. Ratan started moving fingers on Chameli’s hands. 

‘What are you doing?’

‘Don’t worry, babes. We all will have fun together. Just surrender yourself. We assure you, you will have the best time of your life. You can decide with whom you want to go ahead with first.’

‘What are you talking about? I believed you were a God sent angel’

‘Ohhh!! Definitely we are your angels. Today, we will fulfill all your unfulfilled desires.’ 

‘Please let me go’ saying this Chameli tried to open the door. But Ram locked it and Ratan held her hand tight. 

‘I am telling you let’s have fun together. Why are you wasting your time and energy? Your parents will never know what happened in this jungle. It will be a secret between three of ours. We promise you that.’

‘You rascals. What do you think’? Am I a bitch to give in to your demands?’ And a loud slap echoed in Ratan’s ear. 

Infuriated, Ratan pounced on her. One by one, she was bereft of her clothing. She cried for help, only to be unheard. Her voice was dampened by her dupatta. She wailed in pain and in shame. 

Both of them took turns to satisfy their lustrous needs. Every body part of hers abused. Every bit of her dignity destroyed. She was treated just like an object of lust to be crampled. 

Once their satisfaction was met, they dressed themselves back into civilians. Chameli was thrown in the jungle. Laying her mortified dead remains, they now tried to cover her with leftover cloth pieces. 

The SUV zoomed back into the same serene misty climate enjoying the downpour with high music. The stoic jungle stood in complete silence. Only the wind went ssshhhh… it’s a secret.

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