Stairway to Paradise

Stairway to Paradise

It’s the place where only joy resides,
And life smoothly glides.
It’s away from all bustling,
And lacks all city hustling.
You know, it’s packed with positive vibes.

Frequently I wander on the banks of this lake,
To get over my stupid heartache.
That’s the place where I feel like a queen,
Idyllic and gratifying, that’s what  I mean.
Rays of sun make it so serene.

I close my eyes and feel so light,
Orchestra of birds is added on delight.
With all exquisiteness, it’s a stairway to paradise,
It’s the place you may go to once, twice or thrice.
I am totally in love with this mystifying sight.

Waves roll in, strong and bold,
Like they have nothing to hold.
I look at the lake in the moment of sonder,
Mesmerised and spellbound all in wonder.
With a belief that life has so much untold.

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