Stifled No More

Stifled No More

Yes, I cried…swallowed my pride…but I swear I tried!
Freedom denied, confidence lost, my heart turned frost.
‘Didn’t you accost him?’ you ask. Well, that’s quite a task
To flay his mask, to bare his dire lust and mistrust!

His fancy belt, my purple welt, the throes I felt
On my frame svelte – screamed the tale of a debauched male,
Till I turned pale. Too tired to cope, losing all hope,  
I reached the end of my rope…dreams crushed, my voice shushed.

Late one night, my soul shone bright, the end seemed in sight;
Pledging to fight, I broke all chains, uncoiled the skeins
Of angst in my veins. Head held high, I rared to fly
Out in the sky…sans all fear, with a vision clear.
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