Still Love

Still Love

The sun shone brightly overhead, casting a hue so blinding, that I am pretty sure I saw a sparrow cover its eyes. The warm winds gently rustled the leaves of the surrounding oak trees making it sound as if the woods were panting and heaving. There also might be a minuscule chance that these were my breaths ringing in my ears; emphasis on minuscule. Sweat blistered my skin, and every clothed part of my body ached for air. Just as I was about to give up, and begin rolling down the hill; quite literally, a hand intertwined in mine: hard and calloused. It felt so wrong yet so satisfyingly perfect that I knew it was Noah.

 “We are almost there Nick. Just a little longer,” he affirmed, his face red from the thirty-kilometer walk, almost blending into the last stripe of his pride flag.

“How are you not on the verge of dying right now?” I question, envy and disbelief coating every word. A wholesome laugh danced its way to my lungs, knocking out the little air I had. 

“I have this thing called staminaYou wouldn’t be aware.”

Oh! He did not
The audacity!

Fueled up with rage, I pick up my colorful banner that reads “#LOVEISLOVE” and begin sprinting. Half dead I finally reach the mass start, the swarm of colors making my heart do a giddy summersault. My jaw drops to the floor, and all of the dopamine and adrenaline leaves my body. 

How did Noah reach already?
What is wrong with this world!

His eyes meet mine, gray storms crashing on a blue ocean; thunderous yet calm. A devilish smirk creeps onto his lips, and I realize that he was just pushing my buttons……from the beginning. I narrow my eyes into slits, and point my thumb towards my neck dragging it slowly and threateningly across it. Noah throws his head upwards and breathes out a beautiful laugh, making butterflies swarm my stomach.

I walk towards him, my eyes capturing every little detail around me: happy couples, multicolored tents, bright clothing, lots of glitter and familes.

Oh right- families

My family had rejected me the day I came out to them. Thrown me out of the house seven years ago, no explanations, no goodbyes. It did shatter me, but I accepted the circumstances. After all, broken pieces have the greatest potential to build something perfect.

Noah senses the change in my mood, wrapping me tightly into his arms; warm and familiar. Tears threaten to spill and shivers crawl up my body, but I stay strong, not wanting them to ruin the day for me.

Just as the parade begins, a voice erupts from the sidelines. Something tugs at me forcing me to turn and look. It’s like my body has a mind of its own, and within seconds I’m wrapped in my mom and dad’s arms. They whisper apologies, while breaking down into a heart wrenching cry. 

“We are so sorry, Nicky” 

“It’s okay.”   
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2 thoughts on “Still Love

  1. I just loved the language and the beautiful use of words. Every sentence is wrapped in poetry, but that doesn’t affect the depth of the story, or the adherence to prompt. The story is rich in emotions like love, care,partnership, isolation and finally hope. The ending was fresh and unexpected. A great piece.

  2. I really like the descriptions of the setting here. It is so vivid that I can almost imagine the entire scene and feel the heartwarming love between Nick, Noah, and his parents too.

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