Stolid my Middle Name

Stolid my Middle Name

Defying all odds, I birth
cocking a snook at science, I breath
evolve, grow, morph, and transform
forgetting all pain, facing all trials and tribulations
I stumble, tumble, fumble but, never grumble

Some call me lame, some think I’m easy game
there are those who name me challenged
hurl invectives, throw me words I dare not say

I care two hoots about these naysayers
the rocks they throw turn me rock solid 

Stoical to the core, ever ready to soar
jauntily I stride, eyes eyeing the bull’s eye
live and let live my lodestar, my calling cards
I laugh, I cry, I smile; I hope, wish, dream and aspire
I chase the morning rays, make love to the nightly skies

I ain’t a child of a lessor God
I am God’s child__no more, no less
I ain’t any lessor for I have one hand, one leg less
I have what many don’t have

I have a heart even though it has a hole
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