Stories- My Friend

Stories- My Friend

Since my childhood days, I was engrossed listening to tales
Listening to Alibaba and Forty thieves, kept me engrossed for hours indeed
The tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata were my companions of my growing up years
My grandpa read me the Legends of Greece and Rome
Each story transported me to a fantasy realm
The Fairy Tales, Tales from Panchatantra and Aesop’s fables , I remember vividly
They were all full of colourful and amazing imagery
As a grown up too , I go back to each of these tales
For they help me to revisit my childhood days
Now ,as a story teller I frequently narrate stories
I am that children would fall in love with stories gradually
Stories help us to enter a land of complete imagination
A land where every character is free to do anything beyond the mundane restriction
By best friend is a story , for it gives me company during my hours of solitude
I read , I narrate and I watch stories to give wings to creativity
My friendship with stories will last for days until eternity
I wish to see children falling in love with stories
The best pals , who turn rainy day memorable through their glories.
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