Story of a B_ _ _ _ _.

Story of a B_ _ _ _ _.

You know, generally no one likes to talk about me. Half the population in the world is happy to have me, the remaining half enjoys looking at me. I come is various sizes and shapes. And I can be an instrument of pleasure or pain, such is my fate. 

But my biggest accomplishment I believe is that I help in nurturing life. There are a million different stories about me but let me tell you about one story in particular. 

Sunita had just gone through a painful five-hour-labour. She had terrible contractions and kept screaming. The doctors kept instructing her to push. I think at one point she was ready to push them. Sweating, withering and swearing she finally succeeded in bringing her daughter into this world. 

It’s then, that the tiny wailing baby, swaddled in a soft cloth, heard a sweet song that was programmed into her DNA. She heard someone singing, “Hello, is it me you are looking for.” She turned her head towards the source of that sound and happily latched on to her mother’s breast. 

She suckled me with all her might and in those moments the mother daughter bond developed stronger. Oh, there were days when she chewed on me and made me bleed. But it was nothing compared to the pleasure of feeling my overfilled-self being drained by a hungrily sucking mouth; for heaviness and soreness were even worse. 

Once she got the hang of it, we were both happy.  She began to put on weight and I felt light. As she grew, so did her demand.  There were days when Sunita and I thought of us as a cow and an udder. The only purpose of our existence; being available for the little one. But as time went by her intake reduced. The little one named Sureele started eating food. In the beginning I missed her, though I know Sunita was relieved. 

Then I went back to my old duties, once Sureele was done with me. Sunita and her husband went back to their old routine. Many years thus passed and I enjoyed all the attention. But lately there had been a lot of pain, gaining intensity. Both Sunita and her husband were worried. They consulted a doctor and found out that I had cancer. 

A journey that had started when Sunita hit puberty was heading towards an end. During the ensuing years I believe I had seen it all; Sunita’s happiness with my growth, her husband’s fascination with my size and shape and my contribution in making Sureele a healthy happy teenager. My life had been full of love and want. I had no regrets.

Sunita and her husband talked about it. They decided to visit a renowned specialist. Even though they dreaded what was coming next – chemo and its effects – with hope in their hearts they walked into the clinic of the specialist. This time it was I who heard, “Hello, is it me you are looking for.


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