Stray Thoughts

Stray Thoughts

Today, I stood beside his windowpane,
Silk sheers rustled, and the moon stopped to glow 
Through the pall, highlighting the bloody stain. 
My heart whispered, “‘Tis your beau, not your foe!” 

My hands, frantically, I wiped of  gore 
Today, I stood beside his windowpane 
Voices whispered… lover, traitor, and whore! 
Oh lord! I heard my heartbeat wax and wane. 

Soon neighbours and kids whispered, “She’s insane!” 
Eerie moonbeams mingled with hushed voices 
Today, I stood beside his windowpane 
Waves of cops feigned how a cold knife poises

The moon glared, and the loud wind wept and whirled 
A shiver went down my spine, “O, He’s slain!” 
Constantly, these words the harsh voices hurled! 
Today, I stood beside his windowpane 
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