Strobilanthes Kunthiana

Strobilanthes Kunthiana

Blooms once in one less than a Baker’s dozen,
Drenching the Western Ghats in your mystic charm.
The hills shine in your elegant purple crown,
Making them beautiful like the tulip farm.
Like a pretty princess in a shiny gown,
The Nilgiris looks so elegant and shy,
That, in her charisma I would love to drown,
And watch her without even batting an eye,
As she gets wrapped in the warm rays of the sun.
The decade long wait is indeed justified,
With the Blue Mountains making us mystified.
Author’s Note – Strobilanthes Kunthiana is the scientific name of the famous Neela Kurinji flower that blooms once in twelve years across the Western Ghats. The Nilgiris came to be known as the Blue Mountains due to the purple carpet laid by these beautiful flowers.
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