Successful Ways to Make a Career Out Of Writing - A Free Guide

Aliza Zulfiqar posted under Writing Tips on 2022-09-21

Writing is undoubtedly the most impactful medium of art. It allows you to unleash your creativity and the freedom to express your emotions and thoughts. The words give you power to both impart knowledge and entertain people with your wisdom and wit. Kudos to the technological evolution that has created many platforms for aspiring writers to make a career out of what they love doing. According to career counselling Sydney, writing is turning into the highest-paid career owing to the importance of quality content in the digital market. Here is a complete guide for you to get started:

Work on Your Skills:

Writing out of passion is different; working as a professional writer has other requirements, whereas good writing skills are consistent. Work on your writing skills through practice. Eliminate the basic grammatical errors and enhance your knowledge through writing because it helps you put thoughts into words. To bring diversity and newness to your writings, you will require lots and lots of vocabulary. Focus on learning new words and their correct usage. Polish your writing skills before you step into the professional world.

Get a Blog:

Thankfully, we have many platforms where we can start our careers as writers. Blogging has worked like a charm for many aspiring writers. It has brought them on the map of the writing world. Blogging helps you not just practice your writing skills but also helps you get the audience. It enables you to gain popularity, and you can be found by companies looking for good writers. Blogging indeed is the best way to bring your creativity to the finest of expression. 


Freelancing has become one of the most popular ways of earning worldwide. All the platforms like Fiver, Upwork or People per hour etc. help you find well-paid projects from throughout the world, thus, making it easier for you to establish your career as a writer. Honestly, you should not expect to get your hands on a high-paid project immediately after making a profile; it will take a while to get good ratings and get noticed by the clients. Moreover, freelancing also enables you to socialize with people from all around the world. If you inspire someone with your work, you can get a full-time job offer from your client. 


Writing is something that requires you to be focused every day you are working. No matter how polished your writing skills are, every time you work, you will feel like doing something new and focusing will help you work with perfection. 

Moreover, many dimensions these days will enable you to build your career as a writer. You can become a journalist, translator, SEO writer, social media content creator, technical writer etc. Explore different niches of writing and work on modifying your writing skills accordingly. 

Don’t Quit, Write Anyway:

Writing requires a lot of practice, and pausing it for some time might make it difficult for you to start all over again. Even if you cannot find a job as a writer and are doing something else, don’t quit writing. You can write a journal every day to keep your flow intact. Write for yourself, or you can even get feedback from your family or friends on your writing. Keep reading books for vocabulary to enhance. 

The Bottom Line:

Quitting your dream job isn’t an option. Things take time, but once you get the job, all the effort and years of hard work pay off immediately. Writing is a profession that can only be continued through lots of practice and passion; make sure you have both!