Surrogacy-The Borrowed Nine Months

Surrogacy-The Borrowed Nine Months

“Today is my first solo photo shoot. Look at my muscles and the full flesh…But hey wait! Why is this mass trying to stick to me?? Dude, just get away… You sticky, creepy parasite!!!” Uncle Uterus tried  shooing off Baby Embryo. 

“ Mercy, My Lord… allow me a stay of only nine months.” Clinging firmly the embryo pleaded. 

“ You are not my own skin. I’m nauseous. You look so alien!!” Uterine contractions. “Need to throw out.”

“NO…. STOP!!! My tenant of nine months, if you abandon me, a dream of life time will be shattered. Be my generous earth and let me sprout.” A bloody tear trickled down the cervix. 

“ Why me? Go grow in your family garden.” Argued the adamant uterus. 

“ Can’t. My family garden isn’t fertile. All the seeds sown, never saw the daylight. If I don’t germinate, my mother will be labelled barren. Soon her life will be nothing, but a cold desert.  Keep giving me a little more space each month. Swear on, I won’t move about much. I will….”The heart started beating. 

“OK…. Enough of watering. But tell me what are you paying?” Uncle Uterus asked greedily. 

“Oh.. Sufficient for your maiden to thrive. Sufficient for her previous four legal heirs to survive. What say?? Happy??” Winked the embryo. Expressions were evolving. 

“ O Man.. You seemed to be Richie rich guy!!” gleamed Uncle Uterus.

“Yeh… .but happiness is an expensive luxury!” The grey cells were dividing. 


 Many a times, an outsider teaches us the important lessons of life. Many a times, a set of borrowed nine months teach the importance of life itself. 


Uncle Uterus posed for the scan, amicably holding his most deluxe possession. After all these nine months, dictated the next innumerable years of two families. 


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  1. Very beautiful explained..👌👌👌
    Keep inspiring us with such informative and beautiful story.

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