Sweet Whispers

Sweet Whispers

In whispers sweet, I hear your voice, 
A melody, a soft breeze igniting my soul’s fire, 
In every word, Love’s tender grace, 
Guiding me to a tranquil, sacred place, 
Where time stands still, our souls embrace. 

In whispers sweet, I hear your voice, 
Growing up through life’s ups and downs, 
Your presence, a balm on my weary soul, 
Together we dance, a harmonious duet, 
Under the moon’s glow, a symphony of passion makes me whole.  

In whispers sweet, I hear your voice, 
Through the darkest night, with you as my guiding light, 
Hand in hand, we face life’s stormy seas, 
A beacon of hope, shining twilight 
Finding solace in each gentle breeze. 

In whispers sweet, I hear your voice, 
You’re my love, my sanctuary, my eternal peace, 
Together we’ll wander life’s winding trail, 
With love as our compass, gilding together, 
Bond of love that will forever prevail.
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