Taking a call

There is this place.
I want to go.
Go to once again
Live a couple of years
Before this life ends.

My soul sullenly yearns 
To fly over there. Why? 
My feet itch
To walk that soil. Why?
I reckon
That land beckons.

The air over there
My lungs are raring to fill up with.
Breathe it. 
Hot, humid, muggy. No matter.

Notwithstanding the potholes
Ignoring the banter.
Overlooking that sourness.
That excessive familiarity.

What’s happened suddenly?
I know not myself !my friend.
As if a closed door is now  ajar.
Seems like a scene from previous birth.

Those sights long forgotten
Coerce  me to revisit.
Those lanes dwell on my eyes.
Faces of friends have not left my beats since.
The taste, the smells, the chitter-chatter
Welcoming markets,
Treating streets, 
The camaraderie of town. 
So very very beautiful.

Oh! Why did I leave?
The coming out was difficult, 
And going back is even more.
But the land calls 

And my soul records.
Must be some debt 
By grain of salt.
Pending, left behind.
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Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal is a trained and experienced science teacher. During her teaching days she experienced a brief stint as an editor of a reputed Publishing house. The enigma of words has since captured her, and she now freelances as a blogger and writer. She has authored a mystery novella ‘Why should I be Good?’

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