Tale of a Stormy Night

Tale of a Stormy Night

‘So, let’s wrap up today’s session. We are again meeting tomorrow sharp at 5:00 pm’ said the Zumba instructor. Students dispersed at various directions. Some aimed towards their home, some waited for their guardians and some for cabs. It was a dark, stormy night and Scarlett was waiting for her boyfriend, Jimmy to pick her up. They were supposed to have dinner at the new Chinese restaurant and finalize the plan of watching Captain Marvel. One by one all her friends left only she stood alone, scared and vulnerable. Icy-cold wind was blowing and it was uncomfortable for her to stand and wait. Scarlett called Jimmy but his phone was out of reach. ‘Where is he? He was supposed to come by 7:30 but its 8:30 already’ Scarlett spoke to herself.

After ten minutes she called Jimmy once again and yes, it got connected.

‘Where are you Jim?

‘Hello! Hello! Can’t hear anything, could you speak little louder?’

‘Are you coming to pick me up?’

‘Me? Bad weather outside. Can’t we change the plan?’

‘Yes, we can but how shall I reach home? It’s a stormy night, drizzling and can’t find any vehicle’

‘Scarlett, try to understand, it’s not safe for me to go now. Why don’t you call uncle?’

‘How could you say like that? Have you ever loved me?’

‘Of course I do, you are my one and only love, but try to understand in this..’

Scarlett became furious and disconnected the phone. She couldn’t believe what she heard. She was bewildered, agitated and felt like her dreams shattered into numerous pieces. Scarlett couldn’t control herself. She sat on the road and cried like a baby.

‘Aren’t you Scarlett? What happen? Are you lost? Are you crying? Come on tell me what happened and by the way what are you doing in this stormy night?’ Scarlett heard the voice, looked up and found her old friend, Enrique. ‘Enrique, I am lost, could you please help me to go back home?’ ‘Sure, but first you come to my house, take some rest then I will drop you’ replied Enrique. Scarlett hesitated but later agreed. His house was just few steps away. Both reached and Scarlett received a warm welcome from her friend’s parents. ‘Scarlett, we heard so many things about you. Welcome aboard. Feel like home. Enjoy coffee. Let the rain stop then me and Enrique will drop you at your house’ said Mr. Martinez, Enrique’s father.

Scarlett felt better and happy. ‘Do you still love Marvel series?’ asked Enrique. ‘Yes, I do.’

‘So you must be watching Captain Marvel?

‘I was supposed to watch with Jimmy but it’s cancelled’

‘Hey, we can go together if you have no problem.’

‘Surely, I have no problem’

‘Okay, it’s done, then we are going on Sunday evening at 5:00 pm’

‘That’s perfect.’

From distance they heard, ‘rain has stopped, kids come out let’s go to Scarlett’s house.’ Both Enrique and Scarlett got inside the car and kept on making plans for Sunday evening.  


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