Tale of Disguised Emotions

Tale of Disguised Emotions

Trapped in the gossamer of woes and fears
Under the blanket of thick concealer
A parentless woman with frozen tears
Come dusk, I had to be my own healer

Lost in a dungeon of those blank spaces
Trapped in the gossamer of woes and fears
Salty tears leaving grief-stricken traces
O Glamour world, you held all my life’s gears

Wailing, weeping, lamenting brought me cheers
An artist in the day and night as well
Trapped in the gossamer of woes and fears
A mourner in me had something to tell

About life, death and what dwells in between
My eulogies were meant to be prayers
Comforting the family, help them wean
Trapped in the gossamer of woes and fears

Author’s note: The poem is about a celebrity turned moirologist who wants to flush out her choked and disguised emotions by way of eulogies for her lost kin and that of others.
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One thought on “Tale of Disguised Emotions

  1. Moirologist or Rudaali – wow, what an unusual concept!!
    I liked the choice of words and the flow of the poem.
    The repeat line was very impactful and fitted well in the other stanzas, too.

    The imagery of the concealer was hard hitting.
    Technicalities, all good 👍
    You maintained the motif of the artist throughout the poem.

    Strange are the ways in which we seek release, a catharsis….your poem showed us one more way!

    I’m not able to comment on the FB page, Rhucha, sorry. Some glitch.

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