Tamed Vagabonds

Tamed Vagabonds

Goddess Moon revels, dances through night long,
Celebrates union of warm with cold air,
Vagabond vapors tamed, croon a wet song,
Symphony rejoice, day and night affair.
Pearly dew drop thrones, adorn green grass fair,
Ornate and proud, bend open the rays white,
Into rainbow colors, flushed with Sun’s glare,
Trickle and twine, soon scatter out of sight.
Majestic web glows, with the dew so light,
Sunlight peeps, celestial fest greets the eye,
Dew drops collide, silver threads they alight,
With their weighted strength, make the web plié.
Translucent dew drop pearls, God’s transient gift,
Vanish in air, leaving lessons to sift.
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