My eyes well-up & I know it’s you
Eager to come gushing out
What is it now that I could do
To bury you deep so you drown out

The dirty game raged on by emotions
To hammer me down so I go crack
Catalysed by the treacherous hormones
I struggle with myself to hold you back

My inner self prepares for the defeat
My eyes get hurt and begin to red
How you liberate yourself, you cheat
You do it again and beat me in the end

You make your way slowly up
I loose my hold and there you go
I surrender myself and finally give up
I close my eyes and out you flow

Itali Madhusmita
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2 thoughts on “Tears

  1. That’s a beautiful poem Itali..so much depth to convey the fact of how tears make us feel.

  2. An interesting poem that aptly describes the nature of tears and their unstoppable flow once emotions set in. The second stanza appears to lack clarity. The poetess mentioned about dirty games but not once did she provide a reference to what game she was referring to. The second line “so I go crack” doesn’t sound poetic and a word replacement is recommended. Overall, this was nicely penned. Keep writing for more.

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