You and me, and our pithy chats,
Warm embraces, and early morning hugs.
I yawn and stretch; I look for you.
From among the creases, I long for you.
Right there, you lay for me, to care.
Bloated and brimming; as always, charming.
Your content intoxicates my soul,
Reminds me, of the day’s goal.
I stretch my arms, to hold you tight.
My spirit enlivens, as I kiss you.
Laze subsides, and I get engrossed with you.
The morning sky, bright and blue,
You, me, and the roasted brew.
The phone beeps; I shift from the sips,
Undone with you, I engage with my peeps.
You sulk and crave, and I get back, like a slave.
You are indispensable,
Forever dependable,
Coffee cup, you are one of my favourite few
What would I do, without you!


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