“What will you gain by doing this?” I lost my balance and toppled over as I heard my mother’s voice.  I adjusted the yoga mat and proceeded to redo my asan. My mind was blank as I rested my head on the floor. A mental countdown followed as my brain sent messages to my body parts – get ready to be upside down!

“What made you take such a decision? Is this even an age to quit your well paying job?” she continued her tirade as I cushioned my head in my hands. “Appa has taken a sabbatical, Paati! Here drink some coffee,” I heard the clink of the mugs. “What is happening in this house? You have quit your job, my grandson is cooking in the kitchen and your wife is nowhere in the scene!” I squeezed my eyes shut and with a great heave, lifted my body up straight. I tried to balance as my legs hit the wall.

“My mother is in an online meeting, keep your volume down,” my son shhshhed his grandma. “I have come specially to talk to her. What kind of a woman is she to allow her whole house to be thalakizha?” I knew Amma was staring at me. 

2 months ago, I quit my corporate life.  I didn’t want to spend my whole life slaving for someone.  I had few things pending in my bucket list. Learning yoga was one of them. 

“Concentrate, concentrate,” I cajoled my mind and slowly released my tense muscles. My legs started trembling and I fell down in a heap. “Appa, that’s enough for the day. Come, have some coffee,” I nodded my head and shut my eyes to lie down straight.

“I told you not to do shirsasan! Is this your age to try all this?” my mother caressed my forehead and wiped off my sweat using her saree pallu. “There is a reason why the head and feet are at opposite ends. They perform different roles. When you exchange their places, you will lose your balance and topple. Its not too late, reverse your upside down life,” since that day, Amma has been trying hard to do a CTRL Z with her constant visits.

 I took my gadget to the kitchen and wore my apron. It was time for my online baking class! “Everybody in this house is crazy. Modern people it seems!” my mother grumbled as she entered the kitchen. “What is this now?” she was shocked to see my attire. “Shhh..Baking class is going on,” I continued whisking in my bowl.

“What’s  the recipe for?” she peered into the screen. “Upside down Pineapple cake!” she slapped her forehead.

“Ellame Thalakizha!” she sighed, defeatedly.


Ellame Thalakizha – Everything is upside down (Tamil)


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4 thoughts on “Thalakizha 

  1. A very positive take on a prompt which is usually looked upon with a negative light. Sends a lots of smiles to the reader. There’s a freshness I love in your story. Well done!

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