Thank You, Teachers!

Thank You, Teachers!

I had the fantasy since my childhood,
To become a teacher when attained womanhood.

Now, you must be thinking the reason for so,
Let me rewind the years two decades ago.

It was a journey of my school days,
Life was all about bag, books and playground relays.

The root cause of my love for the school was,
Beautiful teachers and their love for us.

I was mesmerized to saw my English teacher,
The way she tutored us with her innocent features.

I loved the way she narrated the rhymes and stories
But more in deep love with her lipstick and glory.

Maths teacher was a little strict instructor,
Looked gentleman with his specs and beard in clutter.

He believed in punctuality and accuracy,
Digits always danced on his tunes with integrity.

He made us stood in a queue, you know
Explained the concept until it reached to our brains with the flow.

There came the Science teacher in a saree,
She was overactive in experiments and worries.

Science was not my cup of tea
However, liked it due to my teacher’s courtesy.

She taught me to discover it with fundamental,
Taught me the phrase ‘Nothing is impossible’.

Hindi teacher was the sweetest of all,
Periodically, we played antakshari with her for fun.

She was a super friendly teacher to all of us,
Always boosted us with her energized words.

Let’s meet my PT teacher with a whistle and a cap,
Made us ran the playground with our hands up.

He made us explored all the sports,
Cricket was still my favourite though.

Principal ma’am was indeed the strictest one
But that’s the reason the school ran without any tension.

All the teachers were so extraordinary,
Showed me the path to chose this profession for human prosperity.

Teaching is not just a vocation,
It actually produces many other professions.

I bow my head in front of all the teachers,
May they get more in life than they deserve.

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