That Magical Night

That Magical Night

The time was nigh, new life she would bring,
Her womb would spring forth a little king!

She was nervous, though, but stayed calm, out of sight
2000 years ago, having a baby out of wedlock wasn’t thought of to be right!

Her fiancé  believed her and accepted it was God’s will
Naysayers warned him, he stood by her, rock solid, still!

A wicked king, jealous of the unborn child
Ordered all male children from the area to be slain, with rage he went wild!

The to-be parents fled in the middle of the night
Fled on donkey’s back, to another part of the country, out of fright!

Her labour pain began and there was nowhere to rest
He knocked on doors, in sorrow, he was dressed!

Finally, a kind innkeeper gave them a stable, towards morn
And there it was that the babe, the Saviour was born!

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