The 12 Year Wait

The 12 Year Wait

The inky sky deepens as night walks along
I run my hands gently over the coarse ground.
The soft buds get disturbed, I apologize
My mind harkens back to that day you were crowned
“Wait for me future Queen” you had eulogized.
I watched you fade away in the purple bloom
12 years, numbers don’t count in this paradise
my anklets chime in silence, my smile is gloom
The blue sky softens, my eyes behold a dawn
A purple hue paints, the mountains from below
You walk through the kurunjis, tears of joy flow.

Note:  Neelakurunjis are purplish blue colored flowers found in Shola forests of western ghats, India. The Nilgiri hills in Tamilnadu got their name – Blue mountains, from these very flowers that bloom once in 12 years!

The Paliyar tribal community that lives in these forests use the blooming pattern to calculate their age. I used the same to depict a passage of time, the period of wait for the young woman. 
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