The Actual Reality

The Actual Reality

“Mum dad can you guess how much money Rhea’s parents had spent on her marriage from the arrangements done at her home to the larger than life stage at the wedding resort. Lip smacking dishes from the various cuisines be it Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Continental, South-Indian and many more were served along with the bar full of whiskey, champagne and my favourite wine Prosecco. Rhea’s wedding lehenga and jewellery is custom made by Sabyasachi. They left no stone unturned in making their daughter’s wedding a talk of the town and the wedding of the season. The rotating stage at the garden of the resort added charm of its own. And not to forget the amount of dowry they had given to the groom’s family especially the latest model of Mercedes Benz series. Besides this, they also pampered the guests from the groom’s side by presenting gold rings for the male guests and kundan earrings for the female guests,” said Shonaya.

Mr. Singh said, “My darling daughter yours is a age where one gets easily swiped by the ostentatious display of wealth, but the reality is not always what it looks like.”

“Ask your mother she will give you more details about the real insight of Rhea’s life as her mother always find solace in the company of your mother, while sharing her sorrows and inability to help herself and her daughter from the rigid rules and regulations of her husband.”

Tears started rolling down from Shonaya’s eyes on hearing the plight of her friend and realising that not everything that glitters is gold. Mrs. Singh went towards her and while wiping her tears starts narrating the bitter incidents that she got to know from Rhea’s mother.

“Shonaya have you ever thought about the fact that why Rhea’s father though being the richest businessman of Punjab never allowed her to study further after high school?”

“Tell me if you have any idea about it.”(Shonaya was too shocked to answer anything)

Mrs. Singh further continued “I will tell you the reason it’s all because Rhea’s father is the firm believer of the concept of showing off the monetary reserves to his relatives, friends and colleagues. Moreover, his mindset is so menial that he still doesn’t believe in the fact that education and career holds equal importance for girls in their life. According to him, a female is just supposed to take care of her family and children rather than working and being a part of the decision-making process in the family matters.”

“Not only this he is also habitual if beating Rhea’s mother after getting drunk and whenever she tried to take stand for herself and Rhea.”

“Oh my God, how stupid I was in considering him a man of honour. Now I realised he is nothing more than a fat cat and a person with mad head.”, said Shonaya while hugging and thanking her parents for showing her the a tusk reality of today’s society.


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