The Anniversary Dinner

The Anniversary Dinner

Natasha’s stilettos clicked against the marble floor as she walked into the dining room. The centrepiece of lilies and flickering candles added romance to the perfectly set table. 

“Dinner is ready?” Ravi asked, walking behind her into the dining room without glancing at the romantic setting. Natasha turned towards him, but he was still scowling into his phone as he slid into his seat at the head of the table. Oblivious as always, Natasha thought, stifling a sigh as she slid into a chair across from him. 

She picked up a bowl to serve. “Ravi…” Natasha said. “Hmm” replied Ravi, his face glowing blue against the phone’s light. “One moment honey,” he said. Natasha fell silent as she picked up her fork. 

The silence of the dining room was broken by the strident tones of the doorbell. A few minutes later, Shyam walked in. 

“Shyam! How nice of you to join us for dinner.” Natasha got up with a big smile on her face. 

Ravi, who until then, had been engrossed with his phone, looked up in surprise. Ravi’s eyebrows reached his hairline as he watched Shyam hand Natasha a bottle of wine. 

“Congratulations!” Said Shyam, giving her a gentle hug. 

 “Congratulations for what?” Ravi asked.

“Darling, you seem to have forgotten that it is our anniversary. I invited my friend Shyam to celebrate our special day”, Natasha replied. 

Ravi’s cheeks flushed with anger at the rebuke in Natasha’s tone. “You assumed that I forgot our anniversary”, he blustered.“ I have a surprise planned for you. “ 

“A weekend abroad, I presume? Where you will be busy with scheduled client meetings while I explore the city alone?” Natasha drawled. 

Tossing her head, Natasha turned to Shyam, placing a hand on his sleeve. “Why don’t you have a seat, Shyam?”

“Dearest, I am sorry,” Ravi placated. “You know how hard I work. Isn’t all this for you?” Ravi said, waving a hand at the luxuries surrounding them. 

“No, Ravi. You don’t do all this for me. You do it because you are ambitious,” Natasha retorted. 

“If I forget our anniversary, you flaunt your affair? And that too in our home?” Ravi said. 

“An affair?” Natasha asked, puzzled. 

“Yes!” Shouted Ravi, pointing towards Natasha and Shyam. 

Natasha let out a husky laugh. “A person who has had an affair with most of his female administrative staff is blaming me for having an affair!” She said in between bursts of laughter.

Ravi paled, hearing Natasha’s words. “Wha…!” 

Natasha held up a hand to silence him. Turning to Shyam, she asked, “Did you get it?”

Shyam nodded, handing her a USB and a file. Natasha waved it in front of Ravi, “Shyam is my friend, but he also runs a detective agency. The USB has proof of all your business trips where you were cheating on me.” 

Patting Ravi’s cheek, Natasha said, “Don’t forget to sign the divorce papers in the file, where you are signing over everything to me. Happy anniversary, darling!”

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